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Derek Alessi- The Perfect Snack

It's not about dieting, counting calories, starving, skipping meals to lose weight & drop body fat. It also isn't about eating bland tasting diet foods either.

To lose weight and drop fat you must eat every few hours to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Otherwise, you'll gain fat. But what do you eat? And what if you're super-busy and don't have time? What can you eat on the run that not only will help you lose weight and drop fat, but also taste great too?

That's why I invented Eat,Eat,Eat to lose weight & drop body fat. It has help hundred of my private clients who've paid thousands of dollars for me to help them with their health, weight loss and lifestyle goals. It can now help you too.

Eat, Eat, Eat to lose weight & drop fat

  • Reminds when to eat for optimal fat loss!
  • Provides hundreds of options of what to eat to ensure you are reaching your goals!
  • Food options are in both text and video form for your pleasure!
  • Recipes can also be rated, printed, emailed or shared on Facebook and Twitter!

To lose weight & drop fat remember you must Eat, Eat, Eat!!

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