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Live It Fit Executive Program - Dr. Derek Alessi

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Are you the modern business executive? Less likely enjoying two martini lunches – rather, running to be productive, stay one step ahead of your competition and to be the engine of your business? At the same time, engaged and active with a very busy personal life as well?

In order to optimize your business and personal passions, you’ll have to invest in yourself. Your energy, vibrancy, health and success depend on it. That’s why I created Live It Fit Executive Program.

It’s designed for the hard working business executive. Encompassing:

  • Fitness
  • Fuel
  • Health
  • and Lifestyle

It’s not about exercising more – it’s about doing productive exercise, one-on-one, developed for your own skeletal system, skill level and goals. Designed specifically for improving your strength, metabolism and injury prevention. It’s also not about eating less – rather it’s about eating more of the right foods, prepared by a private chef to taste delicious and be healthful.

  • "My health, energy and fitness are extremely important to me. I don't have time to guess what works best. I trust Derek to manage all of this." – Ed Killeen Soveran Self Storage
  • "It's easy to slip into bad habits. In desperation, I came back to Derek - Knowing he was the only guy in town who could naturally help me turn my health around" – Kelly Brannen - NIACET

So take on your day and your life with the energy, productivity, and strength that you demand of your business and yourself – call me today to discuss your optimal health, wellness and fitness BLUEPRINT.

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Derek Alessi Ph.D.
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