Dr. Derek Alessi - Expert Trainer Program

Derek Alessi - Expert Trainer

  • Do you want to double, triple or more of your training revenue each month – without advertising?
  • Would you like to create a waiting list of training clients begging to use your services?
  • How do you feel about being the undisputed fitness expert in your community and really make a difference in your members lives?

I understand the frustration of being a modern trainer or running a gym or training facility. In this industry, it seems to be a “race to the bottom”

  • $9.99 monthly fees!
  • Low priced training devaluing your service!
  • Being compared to “other low-rent” trainers or even DVD programs!
  • Working harder to make less!
  • Client turn-over!

I've lived and died to past 24-years in the industry and figured out - It doesn't have to be that way!

Get paid what you deserve and deliver tremendous value and results to your clients!