Media - Dr. Derek Alessi

Derek Alessi is a renowned, health, fitness and weight loss expert. Dr. Alessi hosts a weekly health and fitness segment on WGRZ, Channel 2 News in Buffalo, New York and a daily TV show called The Healthy Zone. Dr. Derek Alessi also syndicates recipes, cooking videos and conducts regular health and fitness seminars.

Topics that Dr. Derek Alessi has showcased on TV!

  • Food Blitz!
  • 3-ways to tighten the tummey without crunches!
  • Grill It & Lose It!
  • Work the back & butt in under 5-minutes at home!
  • Fat can make you thin!
  • 3-ways to drop blood pressure without meds!
  • Eat chicken wings and still lose weight & get healthier!
  • Lunch Box Makeover
  • Tailgate Turnaround
  • And much more!

It’s not about dieting, counting calories, starving or skipping meals or will power. It’s about doing simple things so that you can get the most out of your life!

Join Dr. Derek Alessi on the family of Gannett Media TV stations & Rogers Canada across North America as he explains how to eat more and exercise less – to deliver lasting health & fitness results!