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Dr. Derek Alessi - Resolution Reboot

Derek Alessi - Resolution Reboot

11 Days to Rebooting Your New Year’s Resolution Goal!

Maybe this year you had the best of intentions to lose weight, drop fat and improve your health. Maybe you have even joined a gym, purchased a piece of home exercise equipment, or gone on a diet.

If after all that you still feel frustrated and depressed that you never attained the shape or lost the weight the product claimed that you would, it’s really not your fault. The health and fitness market in the U.S. is a $40-billion-plus industry, and for the most part, it's deceptive and confusing. However, I’ll help you create the right habits to get you to your weight loss and healthy goals!

You can still:

  • Lose weight!
  • Drop body fat!
  • Reduce or eliminate medications!
  • Move and feel better!
  • Improve the quality of your life – NOW!

The Resolution Reboot is designed to help you do the right exercises and eat the right foods to turn your body into a fat burning machine in less time. I am going to help you use the next 11 days to kick start your healthy goals for this year and beyond.


  • Workouts!
  • Menus!
  • Recipes!
  • Motivation!
  • And More!